Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture

Restage is the preferred furniture supplier for Airbnb hosts and
vacation property owners.

Transform Listings and Create Memorable Guest Experiences

Experience transformational staging design that helps your Airbnb or vacation property listing stand out from the competition.

Treat guests with Restage’ s functional, stylish and trendsetting furniture packages that will make their stay memorable.
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Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture

Showcase Details

Our planned and carefully detailed staging strategy helps your property appeal to a larger number of guests.

Meticulous design that embraces guests with the feeling of luxury and comfort.

Our staging experts use furniture packages that display the best features, space and functionality of your property.

We help elevate your property’s visual appeal, attracting more guests to your listing.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture

Create Emotional Connection

We create an emotional connection between your property and the guest.

Specialized staging designs and strategies that can target your Airbnb or vacation property listing to a specific market and guest emotions.

Our furniture packages consist of distinctive integration of conceptual designs, decorative pieces and style that can help guests picture themselves inside your property.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture

Save Money and Time

Restage helps Airbnb and vacation property owners save time and money by:

  • Sourcing and assembling high quality furniture
  • Creating and implenting the design plan and color palette
  • Scheduling furniture deliveries
  • Unpacking and assembling furniture
  • Moving and arranging furniture
Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture

Value Added Furniture and Design Packages

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture
Enhance Visual Appeal

Resulting in more traffic and interest to your listing.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture
Memorable Guest Experience

Leading to higher guest satisfaction and referral bookings.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture
5 Star Positive Reviews

Generate more positive guest reviews, see your host reputation soar.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture
Increase Occupancy

Staged properties increase occupancy rates and stay booked.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture
Increase Profits and Prices

Staged properties generate higher booking prices.

Airbnb/Vacation Property Furniture
First Impressions Count

Turn heads and capture attention. Staging creates elegant photos.

Airbnb and the International Interior Design Association released a study that concluded professionally decorated Airbnb listings had 40% higher occupancy rate than those that were not decorated. These same listings also earned hosts an average of 10% or more per booking.

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