Restage Home Staging can greatly increase the chances of selling your home faster and for more money. Our team of experienced staging specialists use creativity, vision, and proven staging methods that make your home appear more functional, lovable, and desirable. We bring the home to life, making it instantly stand out to potential buyers. With the use of conceptual trendsetting furniture, we showcase the features that will make potential buyers envision your house as their home.

We boast a roster of award-winning builder-staged show homes. No matter the price tag or size, we help your show home stand out from the rest of the community. Our experience working with Calgary’s top home builders over the years has enabled us to implement design and staging strategies that create a lasting impact on potential buyers. Our experienced staging experts are passionate about delivering staging that strategically engages the right buyers and lowers your overall carrying costs.

Restage Home Staging is Calgary’s best staging company, and Calgary realtors have come to depend on us for gaining a competitive advantage. Working side by side with realtors, we offer valuable staging and design strategies that provide direction and top-tier industry advice to minimize selling time and maximize selling price. With over five thousand properties staged, Restage can help realtor listings stand out from the rest.

Over the last twenty years, Restage has partnered with Calgary’s top luxury realtors to help them deliver quick results by using the most desirable luxury staging furniture and curated designs that accentuate the home’s best features. Restage has worked on multi-million-dollar homes that have been showcased on HGTV and Property Brothers. Our superior track record in helping to minimize selling time and maximize selling price is something we are proud of.

Our staging and design solutions help increase property occupancy rates and rental income. We are a trusted partner in making sure your property stays rented. Using an award-winning staging and design strategy adapted to the local region’s aesthetic and industry trends, our work delivers strong emotional connections to potential renters that exceeds their expectations. Make your rental listing stand out from the rest of the competition by hiring Restage Home Staging.

Restage can provide customized high-end staging furniture and décor accessory packages for the DIY customer or builder at the right price. Restage’s home staging carries the most sought-after, stylish, trendsetting staging furniture in Alberta. Our staging professionals will help you to source staging furniture that provides a customized elevation of your property. Our 25,000+ square foot warehouse has designer staging inventory that can meet any requirement, no matter how big or small.